Suzuki To Show 5-Door Jimny And Electric SUV In January

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Sadly, Suzuki is still dead in America.

Currently, the world of electric off-roaders is pretty upmarket. Vehicles like the Rivian R1T define the segment, but cheap and cheerful Suzuki may be changing that. Maruti Suzuki has announced that the company will introduce two new SUVs and an electric SUV at the India Auto Expo next month.

For now, Suzuki is pretty light on specifics. We should also note the brand calls this mystery electric SUV a concept, so a production model is a ways off. However, Toyota has helped Suzuki with the development of EVs, so expect at least some showing soon.

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"Auto Expo'23 is yet another opportunity for us to showcase our commitment towards the future of mobility through our range of sustainable & technology driven products. Our showcases at Auto Expo'23 will highlight Maruti Suzuki's commitment towards cleaner, greener, sustainable and carbon neutral offerings for tomorrow. We are confident that our range of all-new SUVs, futuristic Concept EV, Hybrid, flex-fuel prototype and products will capture the imagination of enthusiasts," says Hisashi Takeuchi, Managing Director & CEO of Maruti Suzuki India Limited.

Rumors say the two new models could be based on the Jimny, which quite frankly is really why we're here.

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However, there's no word on the brand's plans for these new models. Suzuki serves some of the largest markets across the globe but hasn't been in America for some time now. There are ways to get a Jimny here in the States, but these methods are a far cry from going to a dealer and ordering one.

Back in 2020, Europe banned sales of the Jimny because it no longer met C02 emissions regulations, but the carmaker introduced the Jimny two-seat commercial model without rear seats as a brilliant solution to the problem.

If the rumors are true, we'd imagine the Jimny's current pint-sized 1.5-liter motor will be donated to the two upcoming Jimny-based SUVs. Recent spy shots show a five door Jimny is already in the works, so it's a fair assumption that it will be one of the new models introduced. For now, we'll have to wait for the expo, which starts next month.

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