Suzuki Unveils Swift 4x4 Outdoor

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Suzuki's popular hatchback gets its feet dirty with new soft-road model presented in Italy.

Suzuki's lineup in North America goes largely unnoticed, but overseas its Swift hatchback gets top marks. And now the Japanese automaker has bolstered the small hatch's catalog with the Swift 4x4 Outdoor. Presented just days ago at the 4x4Fest in Carrara, Italy, the Suzuki Swift 4x4 Outdoor starts with the five-door version of the third-generation Swift and given it a whole raft of improvements aimed at those not necessarily interested in off-roading, but maybe a trip down a gravel road every now and then.

Similar to the treatment applied to Volkswagen's Cross range, Audi's Allroad or Subaru's Outback, the Swift Outdoor has reinforced bumpers and wheel arches, plus blacked-out pillars and a matte-black grille. A 94-horsepower 1.3-liter four drives through a six-speed transmission to all four wheels, and comes bundled with a whole raft of options to make that trip down the dusty trail a more enjoyable one. If only they'd bring the Swift to North America.

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