Swede Tunes BMW 1 Series to 800 HP

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Redefining the term track toy.

Sweden is a car-loving nation with enthusiasts that love getting their hands dirty. This particular project came about after one such Scandinavian gearhead wanted an extreme track car to use in amateur races. Starting with the chassis of a 2012 BMW 1 Series E82, the Swede added a fiber-glass body kit plus doors, and carbon-fiber hood, roof, trunk, and fenders. Under the hood, the 3.2-liter inline-six borrowed from a E46 BMW M3 was turbocharged and fitted along with forged pistons and rods, a remapped ECU, modified intake and exhaust systems as well as an engine cooling system.

The result is an increase in output from around 340 hp to over 800 hp. To handle all that insane power, the front and rear subframe, including differential and electronic steering, was taken from a E92 M3 along with its coilover suspension and fitted along with K-sport brakes, custom twin exhaust system and new wheels. The interior boasts a roll cage, Sparco racing seat, E30 3 Series carbon dashboard, Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel, dash logger, adjustable pedal box and hydraulic handbrake.

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