Sweet Jesus What is That? The Hello Kitty Car in China

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What is truly scary is that this isn't a custom job or something from a tuning company. It is a BYD F0.

The Chinese really do know how to go all the way with their vehicles. We have seen many 'long-wheelbase' models based on current brands with interiors geared for luxury. We have even seen knock-offs and gaudiness pushed to the extreme, however we have yet to see something quite like this. This is the BYD F0 Hello Kitty Edition. Though it may appear to be the perfect ride for any child's sweet 16, it conjures up to us images of Salma Hayek in Dogma saying to the demon Azrael "Sweet Jesus, why?"

"Sweet Jesus why" exactly. And that would be our query towards BYD, the Chinese automaker who offers this version of the F0. The exterior is simple enough: flowers and Hello Kitty decals everywhere. The interior though, is where things get a bit out of hand. The cats are literally everywhere. On the steering wheel, in the dashboard, on the dashboard, in the glove box, on the seats, etc. As CarNewsChina writes, the Hello Kitty pillow on the passenger's side "doubles as an extra airbag because the first one likely won't work." Good stuff.

In case you needed to know, the BYD F0 runs on a 1.0-liter 4-cylinder engine that puts out 67hp and 66 lb-ft of torque. It has a top speed of almost 95mph. The Hello Kitty Edition costs 48,000 yuan.

Source Credits: www.carnewschina.com

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