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Swimmers Were Stunned When This Toyota Crashed Into The Water

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Right, so this happened.

A trip to your local gym should be considered a safe and healthy activity. We all need our exercise and swimming laps have been long known to be one of the best ways to staying fit and healthy. So imagine the shock three LA Fitness center swimmers experienced when what appears to be a Toyota Corolla came crashing through the wall and into the pool. According to Seattle news station KOMO News, the car crashed through the glass of wall of the workout facility last Monday at around 8 a.m.

The 69-year-old driver was parked outside (obviously) in a handicap spot when he mistakenly hit the gas pedal instead of the emergency brake. Hey, we all make mistakes, but this one easily could have resulted in tragedy. By sheer of good luck, the three people in the swimming pool at the time were not struck and injured, but instead quickly swam into action.

As the car was quickly sinking to the bottom, two of them managed to help free the stunned the driver. One of the heroes was Noah Schlenke, who also works as a lifeguard.

''I'm like my first instinct was like, oh my god there was someone in that lane and to make sure that person is not under the car," Schlenke said. "So, we opened the door and we're like, 'hey you gotta get out, you gotta get out!' And he just kind of looked at us and he still wasn't quite understanding where he was. So, the guy I was with actually just came in and reached over and grabbed him and pulled him out."

Once everyone was safely out of the water, a local towing truck company was called. Hooking up the submerged Toyota to the tow truck cables, pulling it from the pool, and back through the window took around 30 minutes.

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The gym remained closed for the rest of the morning but, amazingly, re-opened later in the day. Business as usual, with the exception of the pool closure. An LA Fitness spokesperson said an investigation will take place and everyone can rest assured management will make sure the pool is safe before it reopens.