Swiss Douche Torched His Ferrari So That Daddy Would Buy Him A New One

Pays accomplices to do the dirty work.

Formost of us, the dream of driving a true supercar is something so intangiblethat we wouldn't know how to react if we were handed the keys to one. But whenyour daddy has already bought you 15 cars – including a Lamborghini and Ferrari– by the time you're 20 years old, it seems that your limitless options justbecome way too confining. Otherwise, how would you explain this insane storycoming from the Swiss-German border? The young man decided that he was tired ofhis Ferrari 458 Italia but was too embarrassed to ask dad for a new one.

The solution, according to reports, was to pay three accomplices $15,000 to steal his car, drive itacross the German border, and burn it. All the while, the owner was killingtime at a local massage parlor. Unfortunately for the schemers, the plan wasfoiled by security cameras that caught the arson in action, eventually leadingpolice back to the car's owner. Despite a $10,000 monthly allowance fromhis father, a self-portfolio of $30 million and a collection of supercars, theyoung man told the court that his funds had run dry and he "was not braveenough to tell his father he did not like the Ferrari". He was sentencedto 22 months' probation and given a fine of $32,000.

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