Sydney Hosts An Awesome Ferrari Show

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One of the better one-make shows you could ever hope to see.

The unfortunate reality of car shows that focus on just one city is that they are very hit-or-miss. This is all the more true when the show is for just one make of cars, the likelihood of a poor turnout being a very real threat. This was one of the contributing factors in why we were so particularly impressed by the Sydney Ferrari Concours Meet, held over the weekend in, you guessed it, Sydney, Australia. The other reason obviously being the cars themselves.

The cars were really very impressive, and included both new and old offerings from the Prancing Horse. New offerings included a 458 Spyder, as well as the higher-end F12. Older cars included a 275 GTB, one of those all-time great Ferrari classics, and an F40, more recent but every bit as much a classic. There were Fiat-badged Dinos, although these were obviously Ferraris themselves underneath. There was even a Diablo SV spotted, cruising past on the street at the beginning of the show, no doubt checking out the competition. Hat tip to Jack Shepherdson for sending this in!

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