Sylvester Stalone Is Selling His Escalade Limo For $350,000

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As you can imagine, Sly's Cadillac comes with everything.

Sylvester Stalone is one of Hollywood's prodigal sons and has a movie career stretching over decades. He also owns a stretched out Cadillac Escalade limousine that has recently gone up for sale. We've covered some wild limo cars, including a stretched version of a Toyota RAV4, and even a Learjet on wheels, but the limo in question is a true carrier of the stars.

The car, designed by Becker Auto Design, is perfectly suited to the up-and-coming Hollywood mumble rapped or washed out sitcom star and could be yours for a stunning $350,000. We think that it is pretty badass, and we would gladly cruise in it for a day or two.

Becker Auto Design Becker Auto Design Becker Auto Design

According to Becker Auto Design, this 2019 Cadillac Escalade is one of its very best in terms of design and attention to detail. The car features a massive 20-inch stretch to accommodate Mr. Stalones big stones and features lengthened rear doors for ease of entry and exit, all while keeping the original look of the car. Other than the massive stretch, the exterior of this Escalade looks surprisingly stock, and even the wheels have remained standard. It's on the inside however that things start to take on a more limousine-like appearance.

Becker Auto Design Becker Auto Design Becker Auto Design Becker Auto Design

The interior features a massive home theatre entertainment and mobile office which includes a Crestron automation system, true 7.1 digital music system with center channel, a 43-inch TV screen, and rear 12-inch displays for rear-facing occupants. You also get an onboard router that can run two SIM cards, fully electric window curtains, a fully electric rear-facing 3 person bench seat, and two fully electric rear VIP bucket seats with electric leg rest. Two custom Japanese ash wood folding tables finish it all off.

"The older I get the more things I gotta leave behind, that's life." Says Sylvester as Rocky Balboa. Now it's your chance to get in the back seat of this beast.

Becker Auto Design Becker Auto Design Becker Auto Design Becker Auto Design
Source Credits: BeckerAutomotiveDesign

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