Syrian Car Collector Braves Civil War To Care For His Vintage Collection


Whoa, this is some true dedication.

For many car collectors the biggest difficulties they face involve a lack of space, parts that are hard to find and the fact that money doesn't grow on trees. For Syrian classic car collector Abu Omar, those are the least of his worries. Omar, 69, lives in the Syrian city of Aleppo in a rebel-held neighborhood. He has decided to stay in the country even after his family fled so that he could tend to his classic car collection. He's lost a few cars to shelling but still has an impressive 24 vintage models left.

Omar is a true gearhead who has turned down numerous offers for his collection. This short interview is truly inspiring and proves that a passion for cars can survive no matter what the situation. Note that we're unable to post the official video (with words and translations) here. This is where you can see it at.

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