Take A Break And Watch Some Ferrari FXX Ks And McLaren P1 GTRs


The sounds alone makes it worth watching.

You’ll never see either of these two on public roads. That’s because, of course, they’re track-only. The Ferrari FXX K and McLaren P1 GTR are the hardcore track versions of the LaFerrari and McLaren P1, respectively. Production of each was extremely limited, and only the most loyal enthusiasts were invited to spend a few million to have the privilege of owning one. Life’s tough when you’re wealthy and have the budget to buy whatever cars you want.

And because neither can be driven on the street, the track is the one and only place where owners can experience them. But not just any old track would do. No, owners expect nothing but the best venues, and the Monza Circuit in northern Italy is certainly one of them.

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Car spotter 19Bozz92 was there recently and fortunate enough to capture both cars in action. It is both a visual and aural pleasure. And yes, there are several FXX Ks here for what’s likely the owners’ private track time. The P1 GTRs were shot at a separate private event. But the shots are intertwined so that we can better compare them and their engine sounds. Both are incredible machines, and, yes, they’re hybrids. Chances are, their eventual successors will wind up being pure EVs. Let’s hope Ferrari and McLaren find a way to create sound for normally dead quite electric motors.

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