Take A Closer Look At The Retro Nissan Z Customized Proto Concept

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It looks pretty damn cool from any angle.

The new Nissan Z is a fresh new chapter in Nissan's long and rich history of building world-class sports cars, and the hype surrounding this rear-wheel-drive sports coupe has been resounding, to say the least. The fresh Z car has been applauded for its sharp and aggressive design and stylish new color options, but part of its success is less modern. The Z has been spotted wearing retro Fairlady badges, and in January, Nissan revealed the ultimate retro version, the Nissan Z Customized Proto concept. This car made its debut at the Tokyo Auto Salon and was specifically built to honor the Z's lineage, but Nissan also put it out as a feeler to see if Z fans would be willing to drop some cash on some retro-themed styling options. The manufacturer has now released a new video showing off all the Customized Proto's angles, and we think it looks fantastic.

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The YouTube video is only two minutes long, but that's enough to give us a good view of each and every orange-tinted panel. The classic orange and black color scheme has featured in the Z family for decades, starting with the infamous 1970 Nissan Z432R which was used in numerous road and rally racing events throughout the 1970s. The contrasting hood accent, black wing mirrors, carbon front splitters, and black roof add a modern yet timeless look to the car, and who can ignore that classic ducktail spoiler in the rear and those widened wheel arches? Classic Fairlady badges adorn the front bumper and rear spoiler and drive home the concept of this modern tribute to Nissans retro glory days. Unfortunately, Nissan has stated that the special edition comes with no power or chassis upgrades but that it will "change the mood of the drive entirely."

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Nissan hasn't given any serious indication that this special model will be making its way to market any time soon, but the limited-edition Proto Spec, based on last year's Z Proto, will be making its way to the US in extremely limited numbers (240 to be exact). Either way, the Nissan Z still packs a serious punch: its twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 will produce 400 horsepower with 350 lb-ft of torque, and deliver performance that should rival the best there is to offer from Germany. If enough people show interest in this crazy retro build, Nissan might just offer it to the public, so start making those voices heard!

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