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Take A Look Inside Honda’s New Futuristic EV

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Honda has released another preview of its new EV prototype.

At the 2017 Frankfurt Auto Show, Honda unveiled the Urban EV Concept, a cute compact city car with retro styling mixed with a modern electric powertrain. It was so well received, that Honda has given it the green light for production.

Last month, Honda teased a new prototype EV slated to debut at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show that will most likely preview the production version of the Urban EV. After showing the prototype's funky exterior, the Japanese automaker has released a new image showing off the car's technologically-advanced interior.

Like the Urban EV Concept, the new prototype's interior adopts a minimalist, futuristic design with a full-width infotainment display and wood trim, although the steering wheel design looks more modern and features an array of buttons in contrast to the 1970s-inspired quartic design used for the concept. Honda says the interior is designed to "create a warm and engaging atmosphere inspired by the Urban EV Concept," that incorporates "clean design elements and intuitive user-focused technology."

On the outside, the design similarities to the Urban EV Concept continue, as the prototype features round LED headlights, black grille, and rearview cameras instead of traditional side mirrors. Unlike the concept, however, the production version will have five doors instead of three, which makes sense for a practical zero-emissions city car. The concept's suicide doors also won't carry over, and the front looks more rounded on the production model.

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Technical details are still being kept under wraps, but the production version of the Honda Urban EV is expected to deliver a range of 155-217 miles. Honda will lift the wraps off its new compact electric vehicle prototype at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show on March 5, but we'll have to wait and see if it will keep the Urban EV name. There's a good chance the production version will debut a few months later at the 2019 Frankfurt Auto Show in September, two years after the concept was revealed, before finally going on sale later this year.