Take A Look Inside Lucid Motors' Brand New Factory

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The production line looks very impressive.

Lucid Motors is set to take the luxury EV market by storm, and the Air looks like it'll be every bit as good as the company says it is. This luxurious electric sedan is going to be offered with a phenomenal sound system and we know that the car's paint finishing will be exceptional thanks to a new paint shop at its AMP-1 plant. Speaking of which, Lucid wants to make very clear just how well its cars are being built, and the video below highlights that. So take a couple of minutes and see how Lucid is promising to bring outstanding quality to the luxury EV market.

Lucid Motors
Lucid Motors

Lucid starts the video with a voice-over from its director of manufacturing for general assembly, Art Schlaud, telling us that "the biggest impact to sustainability is building it right the first time." So as much tech and money as Lucid is throwing at its production facilities and the cars it makes, all of that counts for naught if a car needs to be recalled or otherwise repaired once it leaves the production line. With that in mind, Lucid aims to save energy by ensuring that its cars are built as efficiently as possible. As a result, every car is carefully put together and tested on a dynamometer before quality control evaluates it for squeaks, rattles, and leaks.

Lucid Motors
Lucid Motors

At the end of the processes, 11 sub-systems are evaluated, including powertrain, body, interior, chassis, and more. Thereafter, the vehicle evaluation team further inspects the entire vehicle from nose to tail for any defects that may have slipped through. Over 180 different attributes are focused on, and once everyone agrees that the car is perfect, it heads out of the factory in preparation for delivery.

It seems that Lucid is really doing its best to ensure that it hits the market with a fantastic product, and with all the lessons it's learning building its first EV, the future looks good for Lucid's promised $25,000 EV. We can't wait to put these cars to the test in the real world.

Lucid Motors
Lucid Motors

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