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Take A Look Inside The Insane Mini Cooper JCW GP

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This will be the fastest and most powerful Mini ever made.

Our spies have once again spotted the new hardcore Mini Cooper JCW GP flexing its muscles at the Nurburgring disguised by only a thin layer of camouflage with patterns resembling famous race tracks.

We get a good look at the aggressive body kit, which adds a deeper front spoiler, wider fenders, and a large rear wing. Expect the design to be inspired by the racy John Cooper Works Concept shown at the 2017 Frankfurt Auto Show. Bigger brakes and a tweaked suspension will also be included in the GP package to make the Mini even more enjoyable to drive.

For the first time, we also get a look inside the Mini Cooper JCW GP's cabin. The rev-counter displayed ahead of the driver in the regular Mini is gone, replaced by a screen with rounded corners previously seen in prototypes of the electric Mini Cooper S E. Elsewhere, the interior also gets sport seats , but it isn't clear if these are the final seats that will be fitted in the production model. Also expect the rear seat to be removed to save some extra weight.

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The new JCW GP will be the fastest and most powerful Mini ever made, packing a turbocharged four-cylinder engine producing over 300 horsepower. We suspect it will be the same 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder powering the BMW X2 M35i that packs 302 hp, but Mini could extract even more power.

No word yet when the covers will come off the new Mini Cooper JCW GP, but a debut at the 2019 Frankfurt Auto Show in September would make sense two years after the concept debuted at the same show. Mini has confirmed it will go on sale next year, with production limited to 3,000 units.