Take A Ride In A Movie Star Jaguar E-Type


And help a charity at the same time.

It's amazing to think of the impressive deeds that car enthusiasts can conjure up in order to raise money for those less fortunate. For instance, Rally North America has raised over $600,000 since being set up in 2009, and some of the proceeds generated during the Piazza Italia's Ferrari gathering in the UK are donated to a hospice for life-limited children. Adding to this is a new fundraising drive that every gearhead should be excited by: an auction for half-day passenger rides in one of the world's best-known Jaguar E-Types.

As part of the "The E-Type Round Britain Coastal Drive" venture, British automotive writer Philip Porter will be auctioning off half-day passengers rides across the 18 days the charity drive will last. The rides will be in a very special E-Type Roadster. Admittedly, it probably doesn't rank up there with the "9600 HP" car (which Porter also owns) that stunned the world when Jag unveiled the sports car at the 1961 Geneva Motor Show. That being said, it's extremely likely that you're already well aware of the red E-Type Roadster in the image above. Why, you ask? Because 848 CRY is the very same drop-top E-Type that was in the 1969 cult classic "The Italian Job." It stared in a particular scene that will make you wince in pain.

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In spite of that, 848 CRY did what its Mini Cooper co-stars couldn't and survived into the present day. And now you can bid to spend half a day in the Hollywood star of the E-Type world. Better still, if you put forward the winning bid (which at time of this writing needed to match or beat £50/$65), the sum of money you put forward will be donated to Prostate Cancer UK, a charity that, while obviously UK-focused, will share any new findings from its research into prostate cancer with other institutions. For those of you who are interested, the E-Type passenger ride bids can be placed online here.