Take A Tour Through Tokyo's Craziest Lamborghini Garage

Lamborghinis in Bosozoku style are ridiculous.

When it comes to insane tuning, nothing beats Japan’s Bosozoku style. This tuning style is crazy no matter what car has it, but there’s something to be said about when it appears on a Lamborghini. After all, Lamborghinis are already designed to stand out, but Bosozoku takes things to a whole other level. If you are wondering what that other level looks like, this video should do the trick. It was shot by YouTuber effspot in a Tokyo parking garage that is ground zero for Bosozoku Lamborghinis (as well as other rare and fast cars).

It’s not every day you see a cheetah print Lamborghini covered in spikes parked right next to a Mazda3. That’s not even the craziest car in this video! You know your parking garage is nuts when a Ferrari F50 isn’t the main attraction.

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