This Is How To Open The Clamshell Hood Of A Lamborghini Huracan STO

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The man who designed the supercar talks us through it.

Lamborghini makes some truly spectacular machines, and not all of them are cars. The most recent is the Aventador Ultimae, and before that, we got vehicles like the Huracan STO. With a massive rear wing, a central fin running down its spine, and vivid coloring, this is a car that grabs your attention from any angle.

With such intricate styling, it's no surprise that some of its finer details are missed. Fortunately, a new video from Mondo Gran Turismo on YouTube shows Mitja Borkert, the man who designed the car, covering some of its hidden design gems, one of which includes a special key just for the cofango clamshell hood.

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Among other things, the video covers the more pronounced shoulders of the STO that funnel air to the rear wing and make the whole vehicle seem wider while visually minimizing the size of the cabin. Besides the doors and the roof, both of which are made from aluminum, most of the car is made of carbon fiber. This includes the rear wings, the fascia and more. That front clamshell is especially notable, as it can only be opened with a special 3D-printed key that fits in slots in the fender vents. Unlock it on both sides and the entire front end raises from the body, much like the iconic Miura.

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Now that we see the entire front end being separated from the car, the absence of shutlines is more obvious and looks much sleeker. As a track car built for maximum attack, that front hood features and S-duct for downforce, thus minimizing cargo space. As a result, Borkert says that there's only enough space for a helmet, a race suit, and a pair of gloves. It's not very practical, but it's awesome nonetheless. And in a blue and orange theme that references the early R1 and R2 tractors built by company founder Ferruccio Lamborghini, the STO truly stands out. Then again, at almost $328,000, you expect special touches everywhere.

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