Take That Batman! Superman Drives A Bugatti Chiron


In your face Bruce Wayne!

The UK's Carwow always comes through with crazy renderings of concept or fantasy cars. They created those modern Group B World Rally Championship cars after all. Now the site is back with another batch of renderings that focus squarely on superheroes. Many comic book icons have powers that make driving kind of useless (Superman and Aquaman) or they already possess badass vehicles of their own. Batman is rich enough to buy any car in the world and Wonder Woman has a frickin' invisible jet!

Despite all that it's fair to wonder what cars match these superheroes personalities best. To that end we think Carwow mostly did a good job. But we'll say this first off: There's no way in hell Batman would be caught driving around Gotham in a BMW M2. There's nothing wrong with the car at all; it even includes a side-mounted grappling hook for tight corners! But the Batmobile has always exuded a bit of Bruce Wayne's financial and technical prowess. The M2 is certainly advanced but we think Bruce would aim just a bit higher than this. However, the other picks are spot on. Captain America would probably shed tears of patriotic joy if handed the keys to a Ford Shelby Mustang GT350R.

And what other car could fit Bruce Banner in Hulk form better than the insane Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6X6? Yeah, Spider-Man in a Ferrari 488 GTB Spider is a bit weak and we feel like the Aquaman selection could have been more inspired but overall Carwow hit the nails on the heads here. Check these cars out for yourself and let us know if you prefer these renderings or the real-life supercar superhero wraps from WrapStyle Singapore.

Source Credits: www.carwow.co.uk

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