Take Your First Look At The Track-Only McLaren Senna GTR

Spy Shots

Unless you are one of the 75 people who bought one, it may be your best look.

We've known for a while now that McLaren would be building a track-only GTR version of its Senna Ultimate Series car. The Senna GTR was shown off in concept form at the Geneva Motor Show and we have already been given some interesting details about it. For starters, McLaren will only sell 75 of them at $1.4 million a pop. If you want one, you'd better have your order in already because they are already sold out.

The Senna GTR is expected to arrive late in 2019, and we haven't seen much of it since its concept reveal at Geneva. Now, our spy photographers have captured images of the Senna GTR testing, in all of its track-focused glory.

From the images, it seems pretty clear that the production model will look pretty close to the concept car. The GTR's massive wing generates a metric ton of downforce, which should help it stick to the track like glue. McLaren says the GTR will also be lighter than the standard Senna, a car which only weighs 2,641 pounds.

Since the car doesn't have to meet road regulations, McLaren has been able to strip out the interior to save weight. Don't worry, because McLaren has left at least one creature comfort - air conditioning. Other than that, the Senna GTR will essentially be a race car.

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Power from the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 is also expected to increase from 789 horsepower up to 816 hp while torque remains the same at 590 lb-ft. Other modifications to the car include a wider chassis, front and rear center lock wheels, and a larger front splitter and rear diffuser. On the inside, the road car's steering wheel has been replaced by a race-inspired unit with integrated gear shift controls. Unfortunately, the spy shots don't show the interior, so we'll have to wait for McLaren to reveal the car next year.