Take Your Pick: 2013 NASCAR Toyota Camry or Ford Fusion


It’s never too early to prepare for next year.

Ford and Toyota have both released their 2013 Nascar racecars, with the former's Fusion competing with the latter's Camry. The two companies have released their respective racers over the course of the past two days, so we are giving our faithful CarBuzz readers (and vehement Nascar fans, cough) their choice as to which looks better before the races get started. The 2013 Ford Fusion Nascar racer features some vintage-style paint with some solid red over the top and clean white around the sides.

Big, gold numbering stands out and pay tribute to Ford Design Studio's hard work. If the color scheme looks familiar, it is, as it mimics the 1976 Daytona 500 livery that David Pearson had on his racer when he defeated Richard Petty. Ford will give the freshly-liveried and V8-powered Fusion its debut at the Coca-Cola 600 at Charlotte Motor Speedway this weekend. The 2013 Toyota Camry Nascar racer, on the other hand, was designed by Toyota Racing Development (TRD) and is also powered by a V8. The rear-wheel-drive Camry features looks a lot like its road-going counterpart, part of Nascar's clever marketing strategy.

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It features a much more involved white paint scheme with orange, red and yellow stripes. The Toyota Camry Nascar racer, much like the Ford Fusion, both don 2013 livery and the usual GoodYear tires. So take your pick as to which Nascar racer looks better for the 2013 season: The Ford Fusion or Toyota Camry.