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Takedown! Ram Outsold Chevy Silverado Last Month


How do ya like them apples?

The full-size pickup truck sales battle between Ford, Chevy, and Ram will never end. Despite the fact that the Ford F-150 has the honor of being the best-selling vehicle in America, Chevy and Ram still duke it out for second place in the truck segment. And for some time, Chevy has been taking the number two spot. However, this past March Ram finally toppled Chevy. The Ram 1500 sold a total of 42,532 units last month, while the Silverado 1500 sold 42,247.

Yes, it was very close. However, dig a little deeper and it’s clear that Ram still has the advantage. The reason is that when compared to March 2013 figures, Ram 1500 sales have increased by 25.7 percent. Chevy Silverado sales increased by just 6.8 percent. So what could be a reason for this? Although nothing is official (yet), one likely possibility is the Ram 1500 V6 EcoDiesel. In February we reported that just on its first weekend of availability for dealer pre-orders, nearly 8,000 requests came in across the US. What’s more is that of that number, nearly five percent had already been pre-sold to customers, without so much as a test drive.

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