Taking A Selfie On The Road Got Lewis Hamilton In Trouble With The Cops


This is pretty dumb.

Formula One World Champion Lewis Hamilton has been investigated by police because of a selfie! Hamilton posted a Snapchat of himself riding a motorcycle while he was in New Zealand. The champion race car driver was apparently touring the country before the Australian Gran Prix. The Snapchat video shows Hamilton getting on his Harley Davidson motorcycle, and riding down the highway. Not only was this a dumb decision by Hamilton, it is also illegal in New Zealand where the action in punishable by fine.

Luckily for Hamilton, the police reviewed the situation but could not find sufficient evidence to charge him with a crime. We aren't sure how a video of him clearly riding his motorcycle on the road isn't proof, but that's why we aren't police officers. This is not the first time that the Formula One champion has got into trouble. Hamilton was fined after performing car stunts outside of the 2010 Australian Gran Prix. He also had his license suspended while speeding in France in 2007. Hamilton escaped trouble this time, but taking a Snapchat while riding a motorcycle still isn't very smart.

Source Credits: www.bbc.com

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