Taking Delivery Of The BMW M2 Has Got To Be A Good Day

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A turbocharged inline-six will do that.

One thing's for certain: Turbo BMW engines sound exhilarating. The M2 is no exception, even at a cold start, as seen in this video. It kicks out 365 horsepower from its turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six. BMW seems to have hit the mark when it comes to what traditional M class enthusiasts want. It even comes with a six-speed manual as standard. This is a no brainer when it comes to what's the proper BMW sports car to buy, but wait till you get to the cost of the M2. It sounds almost as good as this engine.

Considering the M3 is big with four doors and the M4 is slow unless it comes with the GTS package (making it cost about $1 million), the only real option is the M2, priced at a very affordable $51,000. With that and the sounds emanating from its bowels, the M2 is certainly on the right track to winning over hearts.

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