Say What You Want About Chris Evans But The Newest 'Top Gear' Trailer Is Awesome

Burnouts in an Aston Martin Vulcan make for a good car show.

Less than a week ago “Top Gear” dropped a trailer for its new season. That one was only 45 seconds long, though. Today the BBC’s premier motoring program decided to share a bit more of the upcoming show with fans, releasing a trailer that checks in at a staggering 105 seconds (01:45). The extended cut is filled with a ton of supercars, including the Ferrari F12tdf and the Aston Martin Vulcan. It also shows what is sure to be one of the show’s goofier segments.

That would be Chris Evans in a Viper chasing around Sabine Schmitz in a Corvette. Where’s the goofiness? Both cars have machine guns on the roof. While there has been a ton of turmoil surrounding the new “Top Gear” this trailer makes it seems as if it’ll all be OK.

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