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Talking New Mustang With its Creators

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Love the Mustang? Hate it? Talk to the guys that made it happen.

Designing and engineering a car as iconic as the Ford Mustang is no easy task. It's both daunting and exciting, and no matter what there will still be some fans that aren't happy with the finished product. You just can't please them all. For three men, Ford's Head of Product, Design Director, and VP of the Americas, some 50 years of the car's legacy was given to them when it came time to create the 2015 Mustang. With expectations soaring and failure not an option, they had to design a new car from the ground up while taking into consideration its historic past.

And now that the big debut has happened and opinions are pouring in, Motor Trend had the chance to sit down for a 20-minute long chat with these three individuals for an inside scoop about the design and engineering process of the latest pony car.

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