Taming the Turns of Nurburgring

Never been to the Nurburgring? This is just a brief taste of what it's like.

The Nurburgring is without question one of the greatest places on earth. It’s that wonderful and twisty 12.8-mile long stretch of asphalt that automakers use to refine their latest performance cars as well as a place where drivers find out whether they’re really good enough. Of course, things can easily get out of hand when behind the wheel of a Mercedes SLS AMG, Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, or any other fast and powerful car. That’s all part of the fun – as long as you don’t crash.

Check out this really cool video compilation of high-performance cars tearing up the Nurburgring asphalt. And yes, these drivers are badass.

Those that really have a pair, take on the Ring in the rain.

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