Tanks Disturb Tourists at Baltic Beach

What's worse than having someone kick sand at you at the beach? Having a convoy of Russian tanks kick sand on you and everyone else at the beach.

Kaliningrad is the only Russian port city on the Baltic Sea that is ice-free all year round. That makes it an enticing attraction for sunbathers, but what it lacks in ice it makes up for in firepower courtesy of the Russian army.

Since this isn't an "official" beach, the local authorities routinely use it to transport their armored vehicles so as to avoid tearing up city streets. According to sources, the stunt could also be seen as a ploy to show off Russia's military prowess to nearby neighbors like Lithuania and Poland, which are part of the European Union. Russia reiterated its stance that this was merely a standard training exercise. Politics aside, we wouldn't appreciate having a squadron of tanks kicking up sand on our vacation.

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