Tanner Foust Focus ST by Cobb

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Special edition Ford Focus ST is the ultimate hot-hatch for Tanner fan boys.

Racer and Top Gear USA presenter Tanner Foust has teamed up with Cobb Tuning to create the Tanner Foust Edition Ford Focus ST that builds on the concept presented at SEMA 2012. The limited edition model will go on sale later this year along with a range of special Tanner Foust Edition aftermarket parts for the Focus ST. These include custom ECU calibration, intercooler, intake, exhaust and suspension components, as well as stability and handling upgrades. Output will increase by 20 percent to 300 hp.

The special edition model also features carbon-fiber aero parts, a custom grille, graphics and wheel and tire package. I've been a fan of hot hatches since I was a kid living in Scotland," said Tanner. "This special edition Focus ST is what happens when I get to take an already great hot hatch and push its performance limits to make it exactly what I wanted as a kid and what I would like to drive on the street." The full package and individual parts are available from select Ford US dealerships or directly from Cobb Tuning. A Tanner Foust Edition Ford Fiesta ST is currently in the works and is expected to debut at SEMA 2013 this fall.ta

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