Tanner Foust Rips Up Rural Roads In His 544-HP Rallycross Beetle

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It's safe to say you'll swiftly lose your license if you drive like this on the public road.

Sometimes you see a winding road that seems perfect for drifting. But then real life gets in the way, with all its speed limits and inconsiderate commuters preventing you from having fun. Unless you're Tanner Foust, that is. The former "Top Gear USA" host has already proven his driving prowess in the superb Quantum Drift video. So, when he releases a new video you know it deserves your attention. This time he's tearing up the rural roads in his Rallycross Beetle in a short but sweet video full of preposterous powerslides and scintillating speed.

Aside from trees and sheer cliff drops, there are no obstacles to spoil Foust's fun. The road was shut down for the event, allowing him to torture the tires of his turbocharged Global RallyCross Championship VW, which produces 544 horsepower and 387 lb-ft. of torque.

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It's safe to say that driving like this in real life would land you in jail and lose you your license. And most of us probably aren't as skilled at the wheel as Foust, who has nine X Games gold medals to his name. He gives drift king Ken Block a run for his money, executing every powerslide with pinpoint precision for the cameras. There are no jumps or fancy explosions, just pure driving skill on display. We could watch that glorious handbrake turn at 1.05 on repeat all day. Seriously, just stop reading this right now and watch it. Just don't try to attempt it yourself, unless you fancy a driving ban and jail sentence.

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