Tasteful English Refinement? V8 Vantage Says Nay

Gold-on-gold Aston Martin is about as English as a Vegas casino.

Aston Martin is a symbol of English moderation and finesse: its phenomenal sports cars have always done their best to blend into the flowery wallpaper, sipping tea while offering 007-worthy output and refinement. But take an English gentleman to the Strip, and what happens in Vegas is bound to make enough noise to raise shrieks across the Atlantic. Like it or not, this is an Aston Martin that gets noticed, and it isn't shy about it either.

Fitted with gold Forgiato wheels, this V8 vantage gets a chrome gold wrap by Elite Audio & Customs in Las Vegas. It is driven by rap artist Philthy Rich, who is obviously well-known for his use of the Queen’s English and his understated mannerisms. The car was designed according to his own vision, and certainly says a lot about his personal taste and subtlety.

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