Team Galag Bringing McLaren P1 to Gumball 3000

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From Miami to Ibiza, this year's Gumaball 3000 is going to be nuts.

Last year, team Galag rode a custom coachbuilt Nissan GT-R and a Batman Tumbler at Gumball 3000, winning the coveted Spirit of Gumball award in the process. So how do you top that? As well as bringing a new and improved version of the Tumbler back, the Saudi team will be bringing a matte grey McLaren P1, a Range Rover Vogue and a Shelby Daytona. Only six of these classics were built, so we'd be amazed if this is an original.

More likely the team has gotten hold of a replica. Anyway, this year's route sounds like that of a cocaine infused Led Zepplin tour from the 70's that becomes the stuff of legend. After kicking off in Miami's South Beach in June, 100 awesome cars will drive to Atlanta and New York before flying over to Edinburgh, Scotland. The supercar convoy will then head to London and Barcelona before ending in Ibiza. Entry is £40,000 per vehicle containing two people. Or chump change as the guys involved call it.

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