Team Minions Plans To Enter Supercar Rally With This Ridiculous Ferrari 458 Speciale

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We'd love to see Carl and Dave behind the wheel.

The Challenge 2015 supercar rally starts on August 31 and kicks off in Berlin, Germany. One of the teams entering the supercar rally is Team Minions and it plans to bring a Ferrari 458 Speciale and Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG to the event. The rally was previously called the Quote Challenge, since Quote magazine sponsored the event. But the rally is now run by Cars and Business, a Dutch-based supercar club. As with other rallies, teams arrive in ridiculously themed vehicles and tackle gorgeous driving roads.

We're huge fans of Minions, as well as the 458 Speciale and SLS AMG. But we thought that Team Minions would do something more radical. Like actually getting a Minion wrap for the supercars. From the pictures, we can see that Team Minions either plans to pack the supercars with stuffed Minions or place them all over the supercars for the trip. With the 458 Speciale's 4.5-liter V8 generating 597 hp, we're sure the supercar will be able to handle the rally's roads. Do you have any ideas as to how Team Minions can make their 458 Speciale more like the actual Minions?

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