Tear Hellcats To Shreds With The 1,000 Horsepower 2019 Yenko Corvette

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But hurry fast, because only 25 will be built.

The Yenko models are among the most collectible of tuned GM cars in the world. The name has recently been revived on a Camaro SS producing over 800 horsepower, and an equally powerful Corvette Grand Sport. Both of these cars were built by Specially Vehicle Engineering, and the company has just revealed its all new 2019 Yenko/SC Corvette.

The Stage I model is no slouch with 835 horsepower, but the Stage II is the real star of the show with a massive 1,000 hp. The Yenko/SC Corvette Stage II is based on the Corvette Grand Sport, and features a supercharged version of the LT1 V8. The engine now displaces 6.8-liters, and pumps out a whopping 850 lb-ft of torque. That's enough to make the new ZR1 gush. In order to garner all of that extra power, SVE added a custom supercharger, CNC ported high-flow cylinder heads from the LT4 V8, a larger throttle body, and an improved fuel system.

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To keep all of that power heading in the right direction, the Yenko Corvette features many Z06 options such as Brembo brakes with six-piston calipers in the front and four-piston calipers in the rear, and an optional Z07 Ceramic Brake package which includes Magnetic Ride Control, performance calibrated stabilizer bars, a limited slip differential, and dry sump oil system. The car can be ordered with either the seven-speed manual or eight-speed automatic in coupe or convertible form.

SVE will only build 25 examples, which can be purchased through Chevy dealerships. Pricing starts at $68,995 with a manual transmission, or $77,995 with an automatic, plus the cost of buying a Corvette Grand Sport. A Grand Sport starts at around $65,000, so expect to spend at least $135,000. SVE will also offer a variety of color and stripe packages, so we doubt two Yenkos will look identical.


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