Tearing Up Spain In A McLaren 570S Is How A Gearhead Feels Most Alive

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Might want to put a paper towel down on the keyboard first.

We were only in neighboring Portugal, a drive towards the west away from the setting of this video, when we had our first encounter with the McLaren 570S. From the glimpses we get between the high-speed shots, the view of McLaren's handiwork was just as beautiful as it was in Portugal. And so were the Spanish surroundings for that matter, but our eyes are trained on the car the entire time because, well, think of it this way: if you were handed the keys to a McLaren and told to go nuts, would you care where you drove it?

Of course a packed city street is less than optimal, but as long as the pavement is good and the corners abundant yet far between enough for spirited driving, our innermost fantasies can commence. With 562 whinnying horses and only 3,186 pounds of body fat to lug around, there isn't much BS in the way to impede on the experience.

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That's why McLaren took the turbocharged rear-wheel drive machine and set its four contact patches free on the roads of Montserrat, Spain to make this dream-like promo video. The form-follows-function design and subdued dark color of the car absorbs the sun and, while not the first pick for a photoshoot at a Cars and Coffee when other more colorful options are nearby, doesn't detract from what's most important: the driving experience. Luckily there's plenty of that, it's just too bad you only get to experience it from behind the screen.

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