Teased 2011 Smart Forspeed Concept

The Smart brand may be on the decline in the U.S. market, but the automaker is continue with its innovative creations, the latest of which will be seen at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. Smart will planning on debuting its newest concept, the 2011 Smart Forspeed Concept, for the public to see. The Forspeed is a take on the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive that's currently being tested in Europe and the U.S. The concept car itself has no roof, windows, or exterior door handles.

The interior is protected from the elements by a tonneau, but in the event that the top is wide open during a storm, the interior is waterproofed and channels drain water from the car. Power for the concept is supplied by a 16kWh battery that powers the 30kW motor that's situated in the rear compartment. The battery delivers an 85-mile range and can be recharged to 80 percent in just 45 minutes using a 220-volt outlet. More details about the Smart Forspeed Concept will be available when we cover the Geneva Motor Show.

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