TEASED: 2023 Honda CR-V Looks More Rugged Than Ever Before

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One of the country's best-sellers is receiving an extensive overhaul.

With the Toyota RAV4 dominating the sales charts, Honda couldn't just sit back and do nothing. The aging CR-V is fading into the background as fresher rivals appear and, while it still represents stellar value for money, there's no denying it's long in the tooth.

We've known for some time that Honda was cooking up a riposte and even managed to get a glimpse of the design beforehand. But this is the first time we're getting an actual glimpse of the newcomer, with Honda releasing a few teaser images of the all-new CR-V Hybrid.

It's quite the looker, with an imposing front facia featuring a sporty-looking grille devoid of chrome. The headlights are now slimmer, with a sleek LED daytime running light sited just above. The minimalist front end affords the compact SUV more presence, with the faux vents and emphasized design lines lending the bumper just enough visual drama.


Keen-eyed readers will notice the side mirrors have been placed on the door; the current model sees the item fixed to the glasshouse. Elsewhere, the pronounced outer hood bulges have been toned down, lending a softer appearance to the overall front end.

No images of the side profile or alloys have been provided but, based on the image below, the CR-V will share many design traits with its predecessor. Around back, however, there are plenty of changes. The taillight cluster looks far more contemporary, with L-shaped LED detailing giving the rear a dynamic look. Like the front, the chrome garnish on the tailgate is no more.

This more subtle look lends more class to the new CR-V; there's a hint of Volvo XC60 to the rear facia. Elsewhere, the license plate holder has been relocated higher up on the tailgate, while the rear reflectors are now smaller.

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Honda hasn't said much else, save for the fact that the new model will usher in increased versatility, a superior hybrid system for "a sportier driving experience" and lastly, superior capabilities. As for the interior, we're hoping the new CR-V follows in the footsteps of the smaller, Euro-spec HR-V.

Honda's smaller crossover boasts an understated cabin that appears to be both classy and functional. As for engine choices, expect a more powerful hybrid drivetrain with improved gas mileage, although we assume a handful of ICE-powered models, too.

As one of the country's best-selling passenger vehicles (it was beaten only by the aforementioned RAV4 in 2021) Honda's evergreen CR-V nameplate is poised for great things when the newcomer arrives. So, when can we expect the new model to arrive? It won't be long now; Honda says more information is to follow in the summer, so we anticipate a reveal around the same time.

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