TEASED: 2024 Toyota Prius Arriving Next Week With bZ-Inspired Looks

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We'll see it in full at the 2022 LA Auto Show.

Toyota has taken to its social media channels to tease an all-new hybrid model, and our money is on the 2024 Toyota Prius.

The current Prius has been on sale since 2015, and with the Corolla Hybrid getting more power for 2023, we questioned the need for the Prius to live on any longer at all. Well, clearly, Toyota had the same train of thought and will be reinventing the Prius entirely if the 'Hybrid Reborn' tagline in the teasers below is anything to go by. These images posted by Toyota Japan seem to be the first clues leading to the official unveiling on November 16th.

We've known since last year, when Toyota debuted 16 upcoming EVs, that the brand's electrification plans were about to kick into high gear. The bZ4X has been for sale in the US for a few months now, and the China-only bZ3 was revealed recently.

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But Toyota isn't going all-in on EVs and will sell different types of cars for the different needs of the buying public. The Prius, then, makes logical sense for those who can't immediately change to an EV.

In addition to the two detail shots teased, a shadowy silhouette has also been shown, revealing what appears to be a sedan/liftback design - which will be a key differentiator between the Prius and Corolla Hybrid.

If you can get Prius performance and gas mileage from the Corolla, without the Prius's questionable looks, other details like practicality become even more important.

But perhaps the Prius won't have those questionable looks for long. While the shadowy silhouette doesn't give away much, the other two teaser shots do.


One, in particular, shows a detail of the headlight design, revealing a C-shaped headlight/DRL design very similar to what we've seen on the aforementioned 16 electric concepts. We know from previous design patents that these design elements will be applied to future hybrid models, and if any of the concepts we saw before evolves into the new Prius, it will be a massive improvement over the divisive styling of the outgoing model.

While we don't know what will power the new Prius, rumors have suggested a traditional hybrid may be joined by a hydrogen fuel-cell alternative akin to a mini-Mirai. Whether or not this fits in with the 'Hybrid Reborn' narrative is questionable, but if Toyota wants the modern Prius to have the same impact on the world that the original had, it will have to be something forward-thinking.

We don't have to wait long, however, as the new model will debut on November 16th at the LA Auto Show.


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