Teased: A New Electric Porsche Is Coming To The Munich Auto Show

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We'll see it early next month.

Porsche recently unveiled a special-edition racer developed in collaboration with Manthey-Racing and is still hard at work with what appears to be a new 911 Sport Classic, but while it is making the most of its gasoline-powered products, the German automaker is also reported to be working on a new version of the Taycan. This was discovered in recent patent filings, leading us to believe the Taycan range would be expanding. But now, Porsche has teased a new EV design concept on Twitter to be unveiled at the Munich Auto Show next month, and the image is very clearly not a Taycan. So then, what is Porsche's mystery new EV?

Porsche Newsroom/Twitter
Side View Driving Porsche
Front Angle View Porsche

Unfortunately, we have no further information, so everything is just guesswork at this point. That said, this is a "future-oriented concept study", so we feel pretty confident in guessing that this concept will be electric. Furthermore, the little bit we see of the front shows a headlight design that appears to have been inspired by that of the Taycan. However, it also seems to draw strong influence from the 'fried egg' headlights of the 996-generation Porsche 911. Porsche isn't working on a 911 EV just yet, though, so we doubt that's what this is, and the sharp creases and headlight shape don't match those of the forthcoming electric Macan.

What else could it be then? Well it's important to keep in mind that automakers typically use terms like 'concept study' when showing off something very radical, so another theory is that this is some sort of racing car concept, or perhaps even an electric or hybridized successor to the 918 Spyder or perhaps the 718 Cayman, which could get an electric replacement before the 911 since it isn't as much of a core model for the brand.

2020-2021 Porsche Taycan Rear Angle View Porsche
2020-2021 Porsche Taycan Front Angle View Porsche
2020-2021 Porsche Taycan Side View Porsche

Fortunately, we won't have to wait too long to see if any of our guesses are accurate, as the new concept will be unveiled on the 6th of September at IAA 2021 (formerly known as the Frankfurt Motor Show). That's assuming that the show goes ahead, as the now-Munich-based auto show has been delayed and rescheduled on a couple of occasions and is now facing the possibility of disruptions from environmentalists who wish to protest the idolization of EVs as the saviors of the planet. Here's hoping that Porsche releases another teaser or two in the coming weeks so that we have more positive things to talk about.

2020-2021 Porsche Taycan Side View Delia Baum
2020-2021 Porsche Taycan Side View Delia Baum
2020-2021 Porsche Taycan Front Angle View Porsche

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Side View Driving
Front Angle View
2020-2021 Porsche Taycan Side View
2020-2021 Porsche Taycan Rear Angle View

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