TEASED: A New Honda Civic Hatchback Is Coming

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The global reveal happens later this month.

The Honda Civic was revealed a couple of months ago in sedan form after much teasing and a few leaks too. But we haven't had much information on the hatchback version of the car beside a rumor telling us that the car may be revealed in November of this year. We can now confirm that this rumor was false and that the 2022 Civic hatchback will be revealed much sooner than that - this month in fact. But before we get to that release date, Honda has provided a teaser of the new Civic hatch to tide us over until the end of the month.

Front View Driving Honda

There's not much to see, but we can tell that the front end will be the same as that of the sedan and the rear will have the same upturned shoulder line at the start of the C-pillar, culminating in a subtle spoiler above the rear taillights. Spy shots suggest that these taillights will be longer and thinner than before, but we'll find out more on June 23 when the car will have its global reveal as part of the Civic Tour "Remix" virtual concert on YouTube. Honda has also confirmed once again that we can expect a manual gearbox with the new hatch.

2022 Honda Civic Hatchback Spy shots Side View CarBuzz

As for the virtual concert, this will take place on the Honda Stage YouTube channel and will feature a performance from Majid Jordan, a pop duo, as well as Civic Tour headliner H.E.R. She has been a part of this year's Civic Tour concert from the beginning and even designed her own version of the old Civic Type R with a matte black body, tinted headlights and windows, unique trim elements, and purple brake calipers. The 2022 Civic should be far more restrained in its styling when it's revealed in a couple of weeks, but now that we know when the hatch is arriving, we can't wait to find out when the new Type R will break cover.

Honda Stage/YouTube
Honda Stage/YouTube

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2022 Honda Civic Hatchback Spy shots Side View
Front View Driving

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