TEASED: A Sexy New Bertone Supercar Is Coming Soon

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Little is known about the mystery newcomer, but it looks brilliant so far.

Italian design house Bertone is set to make a return to the automotive scene with a new, unnamed supercar.

The vehicle in question, teased on the company's website, has a striking side profile that borrows design cues from several contemporary vehicles. There's a hint of Ferrari SF90 in the front, while the rear quarter panel conjures up images of modern-day McLaren motorcars.

An accompanying video gives us a brief look at some design details. The intricately designed headlights feature the company's logo and C-shaped DRLs that may double up as turn signals. Around back, the slim taillights appear to have retro lighting elements reminiscent of early gaming consoles.

bertone.official/Instagram bertone.official/Instagram bertone.official/Instagram

Little is known about Bertone's mystery vehicle, but there's reason to believe the newcomer will sport a mid-engined layout. The cab-forward design leaves little space for a traditional combustion engine up front. The rear, with its elegant buttresses, hints at an MR layout. This is, after all, a format favored by supercar makers.

Then again, we're amidst the electric revolution, so Bertone's newcomer may be battery-powered. Another famed Italian design house, Pininfarina, created a dramatically styled supercar called the Battista using electric propulsion.

This electric performer recently broke the 0-60 mph record for production vehicles, accelerating to the benchmark speed in a mere 1.79 seconds. This is purely speculation at this point, as Bertone has shared no details about the new vehicle.

Bertone Bertone

Bertone is one of the most famous design studios and has played a part in creating some of the most beautiful cars in the world. The exquisite Lamborghini Miura, for example, started life on a sheet of paper at the company's Milanese studio. Other notable works include the Lancia Stratos, Alfa Romeo Montreal, and the Fiat Dino Coupe.

Sadly, after 102 years in the business, the company declared bankruptcy and shut its doors in 2014. Bertone has since been acquired by Ideactive, a firm owned by the Ricci brothers, both of whom share a passion for the design house and motoring.

We look forward to seeing what the future of Bertone holds, and based on this early teaser, it looks to be hugely promising.

Bertone Bertone

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