Teased And Rendered: The 2016 Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe Gets Ready To Roll

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As the real thing approaches, even Mercedes is losing its patience.

Just days after the reveal of the 2016 Mercedes C-Class Coupe, enthusiasts' attention is turning to the real thing, the AMG C63 Coupe. And it seems that both the company and rendering artists are listening to our demands. Just a few days ago, Mercedes released a short teaser video featuring what is most likely the S version of the car. Now, X-Tomi Design has added his own take on the C63 Coupe's design.

With the 4-liter V8 cranking out upwards of 500 hp in the S version, we know this is quickly going to become one of our favorites. Check out Mercedes' video followed by the artist's rendering:

Source Credits: xtomi.blogspot.hu

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