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Something exciting is coming, but what is it?

When former Aston Martin CEO Tobias Moers departed earlier this year, we suggested that the next few months would be uncertain for the British automaker. This is a company that is used to bouncing back, though, having faced bankruptcy numerous times and recovered to continue building ravishing beauties like the DB11 and Vantage. Following a massive injection of funds from Saudi investors that will help the marque pay off its considerable debt, an obscure teaser splashed across social media suggests that it's not only Aston's financial future that is looking up.

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The four-second teaser shared by Aston earlier today leaves almost everything to the imagination. This short clip features the text "Senses: On Standby", the sound of a heartbeat, and a pulsating green graphic to go with it. There is no glimpse a of headlight or inch of a wheel to work with to explain what this teaser is hinting at, but the brand did accompany the post with the following words: "Heartbeat, let's race."

In a tweet, the automaker said that "a new definition of Aston Martin arrives soon."

Based on the reference to racing, we assume that there is a race car or track-oriented model of some sort on the way. It can't be the Valkyrie AMR Pro as we've already seen that ambitious hypercar in action, so what about a Valhalla AMR Pro?

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Last month, we reported that the production Valhalla was almost ready. It's expected to come with a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 with a flat-plane crank, bolstered by electric motors to make over 900 horsepower. That's monumental, but in the realm of hypercars, there is always room for improvement, which is where a Valhalla AMR Pro could fit in. That would mean more power, less weight, and even more limited production numbers.

Other possibilities for the strange teaser include more information on Aston's first EV; the green color theme used in this new video could be linked to the automaker's Racing.Green strategy that will see it become a "sustainable ultra-luxury business." As part of this strategy, Aston's EV is due in 2025 and all new cars will have the option of an electrified powertrain by 2026. Whatever Aston is up to, it remains shrouded in mystery, but a new car from the exotic automaker is always an occasion so we'll be keeping a close eye on what comes next.

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