2011 Geneva Motor Show

Teased: Aston Martin Virage

Following in the footsteps of Porsche, Aston Martin is now making sure that there are no gaps anywhere in their lineup and that there is at least one that is dialed in to your exact budget. To help them in achieving this, they have revived the Virage nameplate for a new(ish) car based on the DB9. The Virage will fill the gap between the DB9 and the DBS in a very precisely cost-engineered fashion which, as with Porsche, seems a bit forced.

The 6.0-liter V12 has been tuned to a very exact 490hp, which is 20 more than the DB9 and 20 less than DBS, and both the interior and exterior follow the same formula. We don't have details on the price yet, but with the DB9 coming in at £125,050 and the DBS costing £175,891, we'd have to estimate a price somewhere around £150,470.50 or something like that. More details to come after the official unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show.

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