TEASED: Bentley Mulliner Batur Previews Brand's New Design Language

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The coachbuilt luxury grand tourer will be revealed at Monterey Car Week

The Bentley Bacalar signified the start of a new era for the Crewe-based ultra-luxury brand - a return to coachbuilt excellence and a step up into a higher echelon of bespoke vehicle manufacturing. But the Bacalar is done and dusted, and so Bentley's Mulliner division must turn its focus to something new.

To that end, Bentley has just teased an all-new model that will officially act as the Bacalar's successor. Officially titled the Bentley Mulliner Batur, the new vehicle will be revealed at the Monterey Car Week 2022 - a fitting event where luxury and opulence are the focal points and where the well-heeled gather to show their appreciation for the finer things in automotive life.


Bentley Mulliner officially has the title of the world's oldest coachbuilder, with a history of building exceptional grand tourers. The Mulliner Batur - which derives its name from the eponymous Lake Batur crater lake in Bali, Indonesia - will give us insight into the future of Bentley's all-new design language.

According to Bentley, the Batur's design will "showcase themes and forms that will define Bentley's future range of Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs)."

However, the teaser image appears to show a traditional grille as we would find on a gas-powered vehicle, so we wouldn't read too much into Bentley's hype machine and tout this as the brand's first EV - which will only arrive in 2026. Instead, it's likely to be based on an existing model - whether that's the Continental GT or perhaps the Bentley Flying Spur, we're not entirely sure.

Fortunately, we don't have long to wait. The full reveal will take place on Sunday 21 August at 23:00 EST, where we can see the future of Bentley design.

As was the case with the Bacalar, we expect the Batur to be produced in extremely limited numbers. Only 12 Bacalars were produced, each for the princely sum of $1.9 million. The Batur will likely carry a similar, if not heftier, price, with each unit built to the specification of its purchaser.

We can expect exceptional attention to detail, and if previous Bentley designs are anything to go by, something achingly beautiful.

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