Teased: BMW i7 Coming Next Month As A Technological Powerhouse

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BMW has started the official teaser campaign for the new BMW i7 with some juicy new details.

While the iX SUV is keeping us entertained with its new-age design and thrilling eco-powertrain, the next BMW product that we're looking forward to is the first-ever fully-electric BMW i7 sedan. This is a product that has been teased to us on several occasions as the Bavarian brand has divulged everything from its testing procedures to combined power consumption and range.

The BMW i7 has been in the rumor mill for just over seven years, so the fact that we're so close to the official reveal makes for an exciting occasion. The final product is only set to be shown to us in a few weeks but until then we can enjoy some key details that have been divulged by BMW Board of Management for Development Member, Frank Weber.


Naturally, we are all very curious to know what the 7 Series-based EV will look like but details regarding the design are very light, as the information drop predominately focuses on technological highlights. BMW does promise that, to make the luxury sedan just a bit more special, it will be using crystal glass for the upper light elements and an illuminated contour for the grille.

The highlight of the BMW i7 experience is set to be its interior where the design team had no intentions of cutting corners. Once you step inside, expect to be greeted by an array of digital features that are complemented by some of the most exclusive materials.

2023 BMW i7 Side Angle Driving BMW 2023 BMW i7 Front Angle View BMW BMW BMW
2023 BMW i7 Side Angle Driving
2023 BMW i7 Front Angle View

The My Modes interface will be implemented into the iDrive 8 infotainment operating software to give the driver the option of curating a unique set of dynamic characteristics for the powertrain and chassis and ambiance for the cabin. Visually, you can expect the dashboard to make quite the statement thanks to a new light and function strip that will be applied to the curved display and doors.

Lighting is sure to be in no shortage within the BMW i7 as the interior will also feature the brand's Interaction Bar as an extension to the ambient lighting. It's understood that this will be a new-age control interface that houses its own unique set of buttons.


Inviting the outer environment into the cabin will be a new rendition of the panoramic glass roof. This Sky Lounge feature will be decked with LED light threads to create more of an occasion for the driver and passengers while commuting at night. Lastly, the star of the show is set to be a single BMW Theatre Screen that will deploy from the roof lining upon command. This will measure in at 31 inches with a 31:9 panoramic aspect ratio and 8K resolution.

Expressing his excitement for the i7, Weber says, "The all-electric BMW i7 is also the most powerful BMW 7 Series. It combines the best driving experience with the ultimate digital experience. This makes it the ideal vehicle for forward-thinking, responsible decision-makers and avant-garde pioneers."

BMW 2023 BMW i7 Driving Front Angle BMW
2023 BMW i7 Driving Front Angle

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2023 BMW i7 Driving Front Angle 2023 BMW i7 Side Angle Driving

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