TEASED: BMW Working On A Rare Classic With Kith

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Fashion designer and BMW fanatic Ronnie Fieg has another special project in the works.

In October 2020, BMW created more publicity for the BMW M4 by introducing the limited-edition M4 Competition x Kith. Developed in collaboration with the fashion label's founder Ronnie Fieg, just 150 units were made, all featuring special touches that included a unique BMW roundel, a special Kith logo with M tricolor stripes, and lovely Kith-embossed Merino leather seats in black with more M tricolor accents. Ronnie Fieg is a massive BMW fan and has even had a one-off E30 M3 commissioned in his name, along with a one-off M4 Kith Concept that predated the limited edition. Now, the Bimmer enthusiast has teased a new collaboration with his favorite automaker, but what will it be based on?


It's difficult to say what Fieg's new project with BMW will be based on because both his initial Instagram post and his interview with BMW M Magazine provide no hints, but one thing is almost certain - the car will be either red or black. Every single one of Fieg's collectible BMWs is painted in either of the two shades, and each is highly sought-after. Speaking with BMW M Magazine, Fieg revealed that he owns two E24 M6s, an E30 M3, an E30 M3 Evo, an E30 M3 Convertible, an 850 CSi, an M760Li, and three copies of the M4 Competition x Kith. We suspect that his new collaboration will be just as rare and wonderful as these machines, and a second teaser from the Kith founder suggests just that.


Fieg posted the initial teaser on Tuesday, providing no clues, but then another followed the day after with the simple caption "Chapter II" and a close-up image of a Kith roundel on what appears to be a classic BMW 2002, or possibly even an earlier 1602. Because Fieg mentions that he has a "very special model being restored" in his interview with BMW M, one might think that this could be the 2002 turbo, BMW's first turbocharged production car, but the grilles don't match. Whatever it is, it seems that Fieg's second project with BMW may be a restoration in the vein of his Kith E30 M3, rather than a limited edition based on a current BMW or BMW M product. Whatever the plan is for the project, Fieg's attention to detail and quality guarantee that it will be fantastic and beautifully finished.


In the future, the designer could very well embrace the new age of electrified BMW M cars, resulting in another special edition based on a contemporary car. When quizzed on how he feels about electrification, Fieg said, "I love seeing how BMW is evolving and where the brand is going. I think, as long as the driving experience is never compromised, a brand like BMW can be who leads us into the future."

If we were in his position, we'd try to get a one-of-a-kind M3 Touring made in our honor, but as a New York resident, the not-for-America wagon is beyond reach. Pity.


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