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TEASED: Check Out The 2020 Mercedes CLA

CES 2019 / Comments

The second-generation model is set to debut early next year.

With the motoring and hi-tech electronics worlds becoming ever more closely aligned, it is perhaps no surprise that some auto manufacturers have started showcasing their latest models at the Consumer Electronics Show each year.

Mercedes used the 2018 show to introduce its advanced MBUX infotainment system and for 2019 it has chosen to reveal an entire car, the second-generation CLA. Mercedes is remaining tight-lipped about the exact details of the new car, releasing only a single silhouette showing the sloping rear roofline and not much else.

We do know that the CLA will share much of its architecture with the new A-Class sedan. Both share the MFA2 platform and judging from our earlier spy shots that coupe-like profile should add a dash more style at the expense of rear headroom. Hopefully, the smoothed-off tail will make a big visual impact as looking at the images between the current CLA and the new A-Class sedan, there is clearly a lot of overlap in the overall design.

There may also be some slightly more upmarket interior appointments too and while the launch models are likely to initially feature a lower horsepower (around 200 hp) version of the 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-four, we can expect hotter versions such as the 302-hp CLA35 and 400 hp CLA 45 to arrive over the course of the year.

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The MBUX infotainment setup will also be the updated version we have already seen in the A-Class, hence the tie-in to CES, which this year will be running from 8 to 12 January.

The Detroit Auto Show will start just a day later and end on 28 Jan, to avoid this kind of overlap again it will move to June from 2020 onwards. This should hopefully see a renewed interest by auto manufacturers such as Mercedes and the warmer weather is likely to be a drawcard too.