Teased: Donkervoort F22 Fighter Jet-Inspired Sports Car Will Replace D8 GTO

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And you might even be able to drive one in America.

A few weeks ago, Donkervoort posted a teaser on its social media for its new upcoming F22 sports car, but this weekend revealed more information about the newcomer, including some that will leave gearheads breathing a sigh of relief.

Up until now, all Donkervoort has left us with is the tagline, "It will be worth the weight." It's a vague but on-par phrase from the company known for lightweight vehicles like the insane D8 GTO: an open-wheel track monster with Audi RS3 power. This odd phrase left us wondering whether the family-owned company might be considering an electric sports car, hence adding weight.

Luckily, we won't have to wait long to find out more as the vehicle will debut on December 10th in a live stream from the company's headquarters in Lelystad, The Netherlands.


The sigh of relief we mentioned earlier is in reference to the fact that it appears the Donkervoort F22 will not be electric. A choice phrase in the new release states that it will use less fuel than the D8 GTO, despite being faster. The fact that fuel consumption is even in the conversation leads us to believe it will remain ICE-powered.

Along with the limited information, the company released a teaser shot of the rear and a few design sketches. For those who are fans of the brand, rest easy knowing the brand's signature shape looks to remain with the long protruding hood and open-air front wheels. It also mentions an "innovative roof design," possibly alluding to a removable roof panel.

Finally, on the rear wheels, you can see some "wings" that will undoubtedly add to the vehicle's downforce while also giving credence to the fight jet inspiration. Downforce, and the new active suspension system, will be major factors with the vehicle, which Donkervoort says will pull more than 2Gs when cornering.

Donkervoort Donkervoort Donkervoort

The model is the result of a five-year development program and will see the company go in directions it never has. The primary focus has been on its roadgoing capabilities - likely resulting in the higher weight penalty the brand previously alluded to. But despite this, we are assured that it will weigh "considerably less than [1,763 lbs]," despite better torsional rigidity and a larger footprint than the D8 GTO. The company promises more comfort, interior space, and user-friendliness than ever.

"The F22 is first and foremost a road car, and we have prioritized driver engagement, progressive handling, and driving fun over an absolute obsession with lap times - and will still be capable of very fast lap times," said CEO Denis Donkervoort. "The reason for all of this, and its low emissions and sustainability is so simple. It's weight."

It will also supposedly deliver revolutionary lightweight technology and design innovations, along with better emissions while using less fuel than the D8 GTO. It will also utilize a new manual gearbox with rev-matching and flat-shifting tech.

Donkervoort Donkervoort

There's no mention of what will power the upcoming vehicle, but to put it in Donkervoort's words, "You can assume the F22 will be faster than the D8 GTO." The previous model has used an Audi-sourced 2.5-liter five-cylinder engine since its debut in 2011. In its most recent guise, this unit has managed to rocket the vehicle from 0-62 mph in just 2.7 seconds and 0-124 in 7.7. If the F22 truly is faster than this, then it will be in rare territory.

But while cars of this ilk typically never reach American shores, this one will. The company recently earned the right to sell its cars in the US. Don't pull out your checkbook just yet, because the company currently has orders backed up for over two years for Europe alone. On top of that, the D8 GTO currently costs $240,000 before fees, taxes, and all the customization owners are sure to make, so expect the F22 to come in well above that.


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