Teased: Ermini Sports Car to Revive 1950s Legend

New ownership teases a new future - possibly a production Ermini Seiottosei Roadster.

Italian sports car manufacturer Ermini has just released ateaser pic of its upcoming Geneva Motor Show production model debut. The carfeatures an identical nose to that shown on the company’s 2012 Ermini 686Seiottosei Roadster concept, a speedy, lightweight little bug fitted with aRenault 2.0-liter, 315 horsepower engine. Weighing in at just 686 kilograms,Ermini estimated that the car would fly from 0-62 mph in 3.5 seconds.

The Italians also promised an electronically-limitedtop-speed of 168 mph. If the car does make it to production, it would be thefirst Ermini made since the 1950s - when founder and race car driver Pasquale Erminidied and subsequent attempts by employees to revive the company ended infailure in 1962. With new ownership, the company promises to bring the nameplateback to life and see it through to production. Stay on the lookout for thegiant ‘E’ logo before the official unveiling in Geneva next month.

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