TEASED: Ferrari To Reveal A New Supercar This Month

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The brand describes it as "something special," and it's less than two weeks away.

Ferrari has teased a new model or model derivative in a short, shadowy video teaser across its social media channels, showcasing a leather and carbon fiber steering wheel belonging to "something special coming your way on the 16th of March."

The brief teaser video shows a sporty tiller with carbon fiber trimmings on the lower spoke and rim, upper rim edge, and shift paddles. The upper edge of the wheel also features shift lights, perhaps indicating that this is a more track-oriented model. Look closely, and you'll notice the wheel also has perforated leather, while the face has been trimmed with a smooth hide.

So, what could it be? Ferrari previously told shareholders that it would be launching four new models this year but didn't give us any indication as to what they might be. However, before and after the announcement, we've seen several new cars dressed in camo parading around Maranello. It seems like the four cars will be a convertible version of the Roma, a 'Versione Speciale' of the SF90, a new Icona model, and a replacement for the 812. Which will be the first, though?


Sadly, the steering wheel doesn't give us any real clue as to what the model might be. Ferrari doesn't give each model a unique wheel design, and this particular carbon fiber option is available on the Roma, SF90, 296 GTB, and their body variants. Ferrari is all-in on haptic controls at the moment - much to the chagrin of anyone outside of the company - so it stands to reason any new car it brings out will feature this functionality.

But perhaps there is a slight clue we can latch onto - by showing a wheel with carbon fiber and shift lights, it seems Ferrari is indicating it will be a more track-focused model. This makes it seem like the first of four models will be the SF90 version Speciale.

A prototype has previously been spied wearing a more aggressive front bumper and a new hood with a protruding air duct, and a massive freestanding rear wing. But given its unique livery in testing, it may be a candidate for an SF90 one-make race series.


Then again, it's possible that the mystery steering wheel could belong to any of the other forthcoming models.

The Ferrari 812 Superfast's successor has previously been spotted in development as a camouflaged Roma with an elongated hood housing a V12 engine. We know the modular architecture underpinning the Roma is scalable and can utilize V6, V8, V12, and hybrid powertrains, so this prototype is almost certainly the 812s replacement. But not once has it been spotted with any bodywork that isn't the Roma's, suggesting its reveal is some way off.

Speaking of the Roma, however, there's a chance the teaser could be for a supposed Roma Spider to replace the aging Portofino M, which itself is the 2020 facelift of the 2017 Portofino. A Roma Spider was previously spied with full production-ready-looking bodywork (pictured below). This suggests it may be the readiest for a reveal.

2021-2022 Ferrari Roma Ferrari Roma Exterior Ferrari
2021-2022 Ferrari Roma Roma Rear Side View Ferrari
2021-2022 Ferrari Roma Dashboard Ferrari

The last option is that Ferrari may be preparing to show off another Icona model. These special editions, like the Monza SP1 and SP2 are big business for the Italian brand and attract serious car collectors with money to burn. The last Icona model to be revealed was the Daytona SP3 at the tail-end of 2021, so it may be time for another. After all, Ferrari previously said it was far from done with building V12-powered Icona models.

The upside is that we don't have much longer to wait. Ferrari has confirmed the debutant will bear all on the 16th of March, giving us just less than a fortnight to wait. We suspect there will be more teasers between now and then, though, so we'll likely have more opportunities to refine the guesswork.

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